Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kindle: Party of 4

We had an amazing Christmas. It was so much fun seeing all our family and friends. Aubree really got excited about seeing Santa Claus and putting in her request for a "real" pink, four wheeler. It was so much fun sharing in her delight as she discovered that her wish had been fulfilled. She is already a pro at driving it too. We had so many wonderful Chirstmas parties but as we were wrapping them up and at the next to last party on Dec.28th at the Burnett family party I was very uncomfortable and by 9pm my contractions were regular and 5 minutes apart. As they got worse and closer together we got our things together and headed to the hospital. On our way as Kerry calmly drove, I was comforted by his kind words and loving touch as the pain got almost unbearable. When we got into my room my contractions were 2mins apart and I was dilated to a 5. At 6:02 am we welcomed our precious baby boy Aydan Spencer Kindle. He was 5lbs 15oz 18 inches long and absolutely PERFECT! Once we got home we were showered with many generous gifts from our church family at MSBC. Everyone was so kind and we had food delivered to our house by so many dear friends. That really helped me as I was adjusting to all the sleepless nights. We have the most beautiful family ever and I am so blessed. Aubree is a great big sister and is such a big helper. I am loving my time off at home with them both and feel like the luckiest woman alive to be living this wonderful life with my best friend and soul mate. I am enjoying all the daily blessings God has and continues to shower us with and could not ask for anything more. I would like to close by leaving u with my favorite quote at the moment: Live the life u love and love the life u live. =)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Cruising right along and loving every minute of this wonderful life! We had a great thanksgiving! We are so blessed to live in the same area with my family and most of Kerry's family. We ate Thanksgiving lunch with my family at my Pa and Mema's house. It was a particularly sweet day spent with my family enjoying all the foods my Mema has prepared for us for as long as I can remember. I enjoyed my time with them watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade as we always do and then searching through the sale ads and mapping out our shopping route for Black Friday. It was a perfect day except we all still feel a HUGE void anytime we are together and my sister isn't present. Malena was and will always be a very big part of my family. We all miss her terribly and Thanksgiving was particularly difficult as it fell on what would have been her 34th birthday. I know there was a huge celebration in heaven but selfishly we all wish she were here celebrating with us on earth. My family is not the same without her and I know we all wonder how much more precious things would be if she were here. However, we do cherish our time together and are so grateful for all our other blessings. Thanksgiving evening we watched the first half of the Cowboy game with my grandfather and then went to Kerry's parents house to watch the rest of the game and have supper with his family. It was a wonderful day spent with both of our families. Mom and I carried on our Black Friday tradition and shopped til we almost dropped. It was a wonderful time and we got lots accomplished. We both enjoyed it immensely. The rest of the weekend I spent decorating our home for Christmas. Bree enjoyed all the decorating and wanted to put her special touch on the pink and white tree in her room. All the decorations are sparkling, we have all our shopping done and the presents are all wrapped and under the tree. I just love Christmas!! Being so on top of the game this year is nice, I just hope I haven't forgotten anything. I kicked off the holiday party season last weekend with my first party being in Forney at Jennifer's house. It was our annual "Girls" party with my girlfriends that I grew up with and went to school with. We have been having that party since we were freshmen in high school and every year we continue the tradition with a sleep over and lots of catching up and laughter. It was a great party and as usual great seeing everyone. I am so blessed that God placed these amazing women and friends into my life. They are all life long friends that I treasure more than anyone knows. I am 5 weeks away from my due date and so anxious to meet this precious baby boy. I have had 2 amazing showers in the past few weeks. One given by my dear girl friends and another by my awesome co-workers at the hospital. I have been showered with so many wonderful gifts and feel very prepared to welcome Aydan into this world. These next few weeks will fly by I know and Aydan will be here soon. I am diligently praying for a safe delivery and a healthy baby boy. Please feel free to join me in my prayer. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season and remembering what the real reason for the season is all about. XOXOX & love to all!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The month of October came and went so quickly. We spent lots of time together as a family enjoying the cooler, fall weather. We enjoyed a weekend RVing trip with a group of my dear family and friends. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed the beautiful outdoors tremendously. We also enjoyed a fun family trip to the State Fair of Texas in the month of October. Aubree took a friend with her and the girls seemed so grown up. They giggled and laughed, skipping along and holding hands the entire day. Their favorite part of the fair was the Midway rides. I must admit I loved seeing them take it all in and enjoy themselves. It was a wonderful day for us all. Aubree had her first singing performance at the church's missions banquet. She and her class did an amazing job singing praises to our Lord. It was Priceless!! I also enjoyed accompanying Aubree's PDO class on their first field trip to the Pumpkin Patch. It was a very interesting place and the kiddos loved it! They decorated pumpkins, had a picnic and rode tons of carnival type rides. We also went as a family to a close friends' son's party at the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch. We enjoyed a group hay ride and lots of fall fun together as a family. Kerry has enjoyed fishing with his favorite fishing buddy now that the weather has cooled off and has even been talking about teaching Aubree to hunt. I keep hoping to make the time to go with them on these outings but have yet to squeeze it in. They usually go while I am at a bridal/baby shower, shopping or some event they would rather not attend. But I am jealous of all the fun and bonding they are doing and hope to get in on it soon. I am 9 weeks away from my due date, which = 31 weeks along. My belly is growing daily and I am so anxious and excited to meet Mr. Aydan Spencer Kindle. I found his coming home outfit last night and can't wait to see him and hold him in it. The time is flying by and with the rush of the holidays approaching, Aydan will make his debut in no time. Speaking of the holidays, I love this time of year so much. The fun family get togethers, the delicious food, beautiful decorations, laughter and chaos of friends and family, the joy of it all makes me so happy. I LOVE IT ALL!!! And this year I am on top of my game, as I am already almost through shopping. I am so pleased and excited about all the wonderful gifts I have found for my loved ones. Now if I can just keep everything hidden and a secret til Christmas. This is particularly challenging with Kerry but I am getting very good at keeping surprises so maybe, just maybe I will be able to surprise even him. Hope everyone has a fabulous November. XOXO

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where did September go????

The month of September came and went ever so quickly. But it did bring us lots of wonderful blessings. We enjoyed a fun pool party with lots of our friends for Labor Day. Aubree is no longer afraid to jump right in the water and can swim all over the place. It is such a delight to watch her skills develop. We also enjoyed one last day at Splash Kingdom before they closed for the season. We have made so many great memories this summer. We welcomed the cooler weather and are glad to see the beautiful changes fall is bringing us. Aubree started Kingdom Kids at the church on Wednesday evenings recently. I volunteered to help with the pre-k class and it has been a blessing to us both. I enjoy learning and participating in the worship along with Aubree. This month I also celebrated another birthday in style. It kicked off the Friday night before my birthday with my inlaws taking us out to eat at Salt Grass. Then on Saturday I met 5 of my dear friends for lunch. We had a great time catching up and then we went out with a another group of friends and our lil ones Saturday evening to Shenanigans for some good food, glow in the dark bowling and lots of fun. Sunday after church Mom and Mema and I finally went to see "The Help". It was a great weekend and I felt so loved by everyone. One of my favorite things about fall is football season. Kerry and I love to watch the Texas Longhorns and the Cowboys and well really just about any game that is on. Being back in our home town we also enjoy following the G.S. Indians as well. We recently enjoyed fellowshipping with some old friends at our high school Homecoming football game. It was a great game and we had such a fun time. Bree had her first sleepover with two of her dear friends after the game. The girls watched movies, ate popcorn and were up til the wee hours of the morning giving each other makeovers. I am glad they had so much fun and it brought back so many wonderful memories of my childhood sleepovers. I have been doing great and lil Mr. Aydan is growing and kicking around all over the place. Mom and I went to have a 3D Sonogram done last week by a dear friend from college. I am so amazed at how much he looks like his big sister when she was a baby. I can't wait to meet him and hold him in my arms. We got a new four legged addition to our family last week. A friend was looking for a new home for their year old, yellow lab. I was already well acquainted with him because he joins me a lot of times on my walks. Knowing what a sweet and pretty pup he was I mentioned him to Kerry over lunch and as soon as we finished eatting we went to take a better look at him. Kerry is a lab lover so I wasn't surprised when he immediately fell in love. Aubree had gone to see Dolphin Tale with her Bebe and cousins and when she got back he was already waiting on her at our house. She loved her surprise!! First thing she said to me when she woke up the next Morning was, "Your the best Mom in the world. Thank you for my new dog." It melted my heart. I am so glad she is such a lil "animal whisperer". We enjoyed a fun family trip to the Rangers game on Saturday with Kerry's family. They had already clinched their spot the game before but it was still a great win and lots of fun. We have had so many great blessings in September and I am ever so thanful for all the memories we are making.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Half Way There!!

I was 20 weeks on Sunday. I have started to show, FINALLY!! I have a small baby bump and am loving it. For the longest time everyone would say they couldn't tell I was pregnant and although sometimes I just feel a little thick, I do have a baby bump now. The baby is around 12 ounces now and about the size of a soda can. I can really feel him moving around and kicking in there. From the looks of the 3d sono I believe he is going to favor his big sister. He has her face shape and checks it appears. Aubree is super excited! She hugs and kisses my belly all the time and is constantly rubbing and talking to the baby. We enjoy reading some of her favorite books to him and I can already tell she is going to be a great big sister. She is so protective of me and the baby. We still are not certain about a name but Kerry suggested Ayden (which means Little Fire) and I actually think its cute and sounds good. I think I like Ayden Spencer Kindle but we will see if that sticks. Lol! It is so difficult sometimes to find the right name that we all love. But I know it will come to us eventually. Aubree and I enjoyed the hot days of summer but she was excited to start back to Parents Day Out at Main Street Baptist Church today. She moved up to the bigger class and has two new teachers this year. She seemed very anxious and happy to go today. I am so thankful that our church offers this program two days a week so our dumpling can be in a Christian environment learning and socializing with her friends. Its a great place for her to be. We don't have any big plans for Labor Day weekend. Kerry has been so busy with work lately, which is awesome for our check book. :) We are so blessed to have such a hard working Daddy and are thankful for all the jobs sent his way. Aubree and I will probably spend some time at the water park this weekend and maybe visit First Monday Trade Days to do a little shopping if we can survive the heat. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!! XOXO

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's A Boy!!!!

I am thrilled to say that although I have thought it for a couple of weeks now, I am confident with sharing the news at this point. We are expecting a baby boy!! I am 16 weeks and have felt great so far. We are all super excited and anxious. Aubree is coming up with all sorts of names for her little brother but we still haven't decided on one yet. We have got plenty of time for that though. But I must say these first four months have flown by. I am so thankful God chose me to be the mother to Aubree and this precious baby I am caring. I am blessed beyond belief. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed when thinking about having a little boy and actually said out loud once, "What am I going to do with a little boy?" Although I find myself thinking this a lot before I even realized I had said it out loud Aubree replied, " We are just going to buy a lot of blue and green." Glad someone has got this figured out. Lol! I know or at least hope it will all come to me naturally but I have gotten so accustomed to raising a girl that I am a little nervous about a boy. Not that I wish it was anything else because I don't. I just don't have the experience of a little boy and am unfamiliar with that territory. I know I will get on board with it all and its good to know Aubree isn't sweating it at all. We have been enjoying this summer to the fullest. Aubree has become an excellent swimmer. She has gotten so brave and will jump off the diving board in the deep end and swim to the side or wherever she wants to go for that matter. I am so proud of her and am glad she enjoys swimming as much as Kerry and I. We had a wonderful camping trip and family reunion at Whispering Pines a few weeks ago. It was so nice to relax and spend time enjoying the beautiful country God created with our extended family. Bree loves RVing. She and Nona went a few days before we did and had so much fun together. I am glad Aubree shares in this passion as well. We have been spending most of our free time at Splash Kingdom Water Park. Its a great way to cool off on these 100+ Texas days. I am so thankful for the hot, long days of summer and all the wonderful memories we are making. XOXOX

Monday, July 11, 2011

We had a wonderful get away to the Ouachita Lake in Arkansas. It was a nice relaxing trip spent mostly out on the water in the Crain's house boat. Aubree especially loved riding the sea doos and tubing behind the ski boat. I love to watch her light up when she is truly enjoying herself. She laughed the entire time when I was tubing with her. We enjoyed going out on the boat to beautiful coves where we would dock for a few hours to explore and have lunch or supper. Aubree loved all the shell rock and finding pieces of quartz which the area is known for on the lil coves and islands. There was a beautiful fire works show that Aubree just couldn't stay awake for but it was spectacular. The lake is probably the most beautiful lake I have ever been on. It is surrounded by gorgeous mountains, lush trees and all the beauty nature has to offer. It was a great trip and one that we all made lots of special memories on and hated to see end. Once we were back home we settled back into these scorching hot Texas days. Days where the only way you can bear to be outside is if your in the pool. I have been spending lots of time teaching and practicing Aubree's swimming and she is becoming quite a pro. She loves the water and is a lil fish. I took her to visit with my girlfriends from high school and their kiddos on Saturday. We enjoyed lunch and a pool party at Katy's house in Corinth. There were seven of us that were able to get together and nine of our kids. Only one of the gang wasn't able to make the gathering. It was great seeing everyone and to see our little ones all playing together. These girls have been my closest friends since elementary school. And although we are scattered a lil now we still make it a priority to stay connected. We have a very unique bond and I'm so blessed to have these ladies in my life. I hope and pray God will surround Aubree with a good group of girls and that he will place the type of friends I have in her life too. I am a little sad this week as my doll has gone RVing with Nona. She loves to camp and I know she is having a blast but I'm missing her already. Kerry and I are going to join them on Thursday and spend the weekend at our family reunion so she won't be away too long but still it is long enough. Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful summer seaon!