Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kindle: Party of 4

We had an amazing Christmas. It was so much fun seeing all our family and friends. Aubree really got excited about seeing Santa Claus and putting in her request for a "real" pink, four wheeler. It was so much fun sharing in her delight as she discovered that her wish had been fulfilled. She is already a pro at driving it too. We had so many wonderful Chirstmas parties but as we were wrapping them up and at the next to last party on Dec.28th at the Burnett family party I was very uncomfortable and by 9pm my contractions were regular and 5 minutes apart. As they got worse and closer together we got our things together and headed to the hospital. On our way as Kerry calmly drove, I was comforted by his kind words and loving touch as the pain got almost unbearable. When we got into my room my contractions were 2mins apart and I was dilated to a 5. At 6:02 am we welcomed our precious baby boy Aydan Spencer Kindle. He was 5lbs 15oz 18 inches long and absolutely PERFECT! Once we got home we were showered with many generous gifts from our church family at MSBC. Everyone was so kind and we had food delivered to our house by so many dear friends. That really helped me as I was adjusting to all the sleepless nights. We have the most beautiful family ever and I am so blessed. Aubree is a great big sister and is such a big helper. I am loving my time off at home with them both and feel like the luckiest woman alive to be living this wonderful life with my best friend and soul mate. I am enjoying all the daily blessings God has and continues to shower us with and could not ask for anything more. I would like to close by leaving u with my favorite quote at the moment: Live the life u love and love the life u live. =)

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